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About RealBig Project

We offer five product lines and three types of tokens. Read our White Paper, Security Audit Report and investor Pitch Deck to learn more.

  • Solving existing online lottery problems such as fairness and transparency
  • Advancing NFT to DeFi through a virtual league
  • Offering a variety of lottery games with prizes from $10k-$1M
  • Allowing NFT assets to generate monthly incomes for their owners

RealBig is a prize game platform utilizing blockchain and AI technologies. We will issue 1B utility tokens for our project. We have gathered together a team of blockchain experts and seasoned advisory board to successfully design, develop and execute our platform. We have deployed our token on the Polygon Blockchain Network.

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Business Model

How RealBig platform works


RealBig Solutions

RealBig is a platform that offers a variety of lottery prize games. In addition to prize games, it offers NFT game finance via a virtual league. Our virtual league consists of 5 clubs and 70 players. Each player in our virtual league is represented as an NFT asset.

Solo Prize

The contest prize goes to one winner.

Ranked Prize

The contest prize goes to 3 winners.

Pooled Prize

The contest prize is distributed evenly among a pool of winners.

Pooled Prize with NFT

80% of contest prize is distributed evenly among a pool of winners and 20% goes to the player's NFT owner.

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Contribute to our public and private ICO fundraising events through our presale, IDO and IEO events.

RealBig Tokens

RealBig project comes with 2 tokens: RealB and RealN. RealB is used and traded in exchanges and RealN is used for our NFT assets.

3 Realbig project tokens: RealB, RealP and RealN

RealBig Tokenomics

RealBig NFT Project Tokenomics

RealBig Product Roadmap

RealBig NFT Project Product Roadmap

Join our Bounty Program

We are giving away RealB tokens to our community for completing simple social media tasks via our Bounty program. .


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Pintasan Otodidak, our KOL, from Indonesia

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Pintasan Otodidak, our KOL, from Indonesia

Senior Team

Our team and advisors have published books on blockchain technologies and are frequent guest speakers at blockchain events around the world.

 Matt Zand- Founder & Chief Executive Officer of RealBig

Matt Zand

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Blockchain book author, public speaker, MBA from University of Maryland plus 15 years of experience...

David Lloyd- CFO of RealBig

David Lloyd


David has over 20 years of senior-level industry experience...

Brian Wu- CTO of RealBig

Brian Wu


An author of 8 blockchain books plus 20 years of industry experience...

Rajneesh Gupta

Chief Security Officer

An author of blockchain security book plus 13 years of industry experience...

Advisory Board

Here is the list of our advisory board.

Timo Trippler

ICO Veteran and Advisor

Timo is an expert in financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions.

Dr. Sean Stein Smith

Assistant Professor at Lehman College

Sean is a professor at the City University of New York – Lehman College and BoA member of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance...

Nitin Gaur

MBA, Blockchain Book Author and Fintech Expert

Nitin Gaur currently leads IBM Financial Sciences research practice, as a part of IBM Research...

Will Button

Ethereum Book Author

Will has worked with multiple startups, helping non-technical entrepreneurs launch successful, profitable tech companies.

Dr. Mike Mu

Blockchain Security and Cryptography Expert

Mike is a software developer and security researcher with over fifteen years of direct experience...

Mario Butler

MBA, NFT Expert, Blockchain Author and ICO/STO/IEO Investor

Founder of "Dreamster" the World's largest NFT platform to mint, buy, trade and sell NFTs for Digital and real world assets.

Brian Virts

Blockchain Infrastructure Expert

Brian is an expert in blockchain network architecture, infrastructure planning and public/private blockchain scaling best practices.

Mike Chan

MBA, Marketing and Growth Expert

Mike is currently the CCO of UTU, leading all business initiatives including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Partnerships...

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