At RealBig we offer different affiliate programs to our global community partners, so whether you are a solo blogger with large followers or a large agency with million users, you are welcomed to join our affiliate programs as listed below.

I- Airdrop Program

We are giving away 80M tokens in 2022 via competition contests and rewards. See our Airdrop page for details. After each round of Airdrop, we process referrals of affiliates in 2 weeks and affiliates will receive their earned compensation in our token (RealB) within 3 weeks. Please refer to each Airdrop event page for learning about each event such as amount of commission and competition timing. Also, it is recommended to read our Airdrop attendance/entry and awarding terms and conditions available on our Airdrop page.

We give away 20M free tokens via our Airdrop program in 2022. Join our next Airdrop event now!

II- Exchange and IEO Affiliates

Coming soon...

III- Lottery Platform

Coming soon...

Why joining our program:
  • Real-time commission processing.
  • Above industry average commission.
  • Guaranteed transparency via blockchain.

For inquiries, contact us via email or TG